Animals Asia X VElove Happy Reunion Charity Sales (1 to 30 October)

Animals Asia X VElove Happy Reunion Charity Sales
Love Animals, Wear Piñatex®

亞洲動物基金 X VElove 快樂團圓慈善義賣
Piñatex® 植物素皮飾品;戴出無限愛 

In the coming World Animal Day 🐶🐱🐻🐰❤️, Animals Asia and VElove would like to spread the message of love animals and end the cruelty. From 1 to 31 October, for every purchase on selected VElove Piñatex animal bracelets, all net proceeds goes to Animals Asia. Shop online: 💕🌕

VElove Piñatex® Collection made from pineapple leaf fibres, natural, vegan and cruelty free. Designed in Hong Kong and made in local sheltered workshop.

今年中秋節剛好是世界動物日🐶🐱🐻🐰,係呢個快樂團圓的日子❤️,亞洲動物基金及VElove 希望透過 Piñatex® 植物素皮飾品,一起宣揚關愛動物及終止殘酷對待動物的訊息。由10月1日至30日,只要購買指定 VElove Piñatex 動物手鏈,所有收益扣除成本後將全數撥捐亞洲動物基金。網上購買 🐾🌕

VElove Piñatex® 植物素皮系列由菠蘿葉纖維製成,天然、純素及不會有動物受到傷害。香港設計,由本地庇護工場生產。

Why Piñatex®?

Piñatex® is a innovative and patented leather alternative, water resistant, tough and extremely breathable. Piñatex fibres are the by-product of the pineapple harvest. No extra land, water, fertilizer or pesticides are required to produce them. Piñatex® was sourced in Philippines and finished in Spain.

Piñatex® 是什麼?
Piñatex® 是一種嶄新的皮革代替品,質料堅韌、抗水和透氣度高。Piñatex 是菠蘿的副產品,不需要額外的土地、水、肥、或農藥來生產。 Piñatex® 源自菲律賓,於西班牙加工生產。

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