Our new animals with party style!




For any purchase on Pinatex collection, a special animal bag will be included for packaging the products.

Who illustrate our new party VElove animals?
Mcmary from Underdo Party is a Hong Kong illustrator, she love animals, We want say big thanks to her for helping our animals design a party look style, to celebrate the happy moment : )

大家有冇發現 VElove Animals 帶晒派對帽呢? 因為佢地去晒本地插畫師 Underdo Party 度開 P 呀~ 點解要開 P?因為佢地好開心呀~ 為慶祝Pinatex 系列終於推出了,現凡購買 Pinatex 系列,都會隨產品附設一個特別為 Pinatex 系列設計的束口袋,多謝 Underdo Party 為我們繪畫了咁可愛的動物派對造型 : )