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VElove Animals

 VElove is the vegan brand and design company based in Hong Kong. VElove means love “VE”GAN, our collection VElove Animal means "We love" animal, no animal products and by-products be used on our products. We want bringing a fashionable vegan lifestyle to mainstream, with high quality leather alternatives, cruelty free and source less polluted materials from worldwide. VElove is PETA Business Friends and our products are PETA-Approved Vegan.

VElove Animal inspired by 6 adorable animals, to spread the message of love. They are Love my sweet home by Dog & Cat, Enjoy my freedom by Moon Bear, Love me no hurt by Rabbit, I'm always full by Polar Bear and I love flying by bird.

Love is priceless; Love our earth, people and animal; Starts from fashions.


VElove believe the beautiful of fashion is no need to be cruel. We fully appreciate and support Animals Asia.
For every purchase, 10% of net profit will be donated to Animals Asia.


We source and provide high quality vegan materials.
Including lining from 100% Recycled plastic bottles, Vegetable leather - MuSkin made with mushroom, recycled wine cork, natural Cork Oak imported from Portugal and high quality water-based PU imported from US.


VElove also provide complete design service to business partners.
Please contact us for further discussion
PETA-Approved Vegan PETA Business Friends