What We Do

We design our products and provide design services
including digital, branding, graphic and product design services to small and large businesses with social and environmental concern.

Our Services

Mobile App Design
Responsive Website Design
Website and App Development
Video and Animation
Social Media and Email Campaign
Brand Identity Design
Graphic and Product Design
Design Education and Workshop

We Promote Vegan Lifestyle



Our products created with a motivation to promote love message of animals and friendly relationship with people and animals. VElove means love vegan, no animal products and by-products be used on our products. VElove is PETA-Approved Vegan and rated as VVV+ the highest level from Animal Free Fashion by LAV. We source high quality leather alternative from worldwide, including natural fabric - Piñatex, MuSkin and Portugal cork, fabric from recycled plastic bottles and water-based PU (Nontoxic, No DMF, phthalate, or heavy metal, low VOC and CO2 emission) to design Vegan personal accessories. We categorised to 6 adorable animals, they are “Love my sweet home by Dog & Cat”, “Enjoy my freedom by Moon Bear”, “Love me no hurt by Rabbit”, “I'm always full by Polar Bear” and “I love flying by Bird”. One of our signature design collection is made from Piñatex and cooperate with local sheltered workshop.





VElife means vegan lifestyle, we developed the mobile apps - VElife to promote vegan lifestyle. VElife provide a free platform in chinese version to let user to sharing their vegan recipe. Our vegan products directory categorized different daily products for user to recommend and searching the cruelty-free and environmental friendly products to personal or family use. The membership system encouraging members to enjoy the vegan lifesytle together.